“Something about my Punctuation”

A new piece for two writers will be presented this Friday at the wulf, along with new pieces by Todd Lerew, Chris Schunk, and Danny Wood. The piece utilizes excerpts from Søren Kierkegaard’s diaries including an entry labeled: “Something about my Punctuation” (1847), which discusses something of K’s unusual rhetorical style.

8 pm
the wulf
1026 s santa fe ave #203
los angeles, ca

premiere: Isaura String Quartet

The Isaura String Quartet will premiere my string quartet, ‘rhythm color #3—fiction’ at a concert of new works by LA composers on Saturday, April 5 at SPACE Arts Center in South Pasadena.

Other composers on the program include: Morgan Gerstmar, Jules Gimbrone, and Gustavo Uribe.

Saturday, April 5, 2014, 8 pm
SPACE Arts Center
1506 Mission Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030

The rhythm color pieces explore harmony as a function of time. While the first two deal with the standard rhythmic metric, #3 deals with time as a function of counting/calculation (individual) and power dynamics (group). Dealing with the Pythagorean tuning relationships between the five pitch classes of the open strings of the quartet (C, G, D, A, E), the players are presented with a grid-like score of pitches/numbers; each cell with the instruction to be either played, not played, or left to the players to decide.

show at the wulf: 2.22.14

presenting a selection of tactics and strategies in counting;


    • sections from ‘incomplete polyrhythms’
    • ‘groups, no. 1’
    • a round for Andy Young

Todd Lerew will perform his ‘yielding isometrics’ for theremin.

Saturday, 2.22.14, 8pm

1026 s. santa fe ave. #203, los angeles, ca, 90021

Show in Santa Barbara Sunday, May 19, 8 pm

I’ll be performing at Biko Infoshop (6612 Sueno Rd. Goleto, CA) this Sunday along with some fabulous composers/performers (Chris SchunkMarcus RubioFrantisek ChaloupkaJosh Carro, Daniel Navas, and Zack Stenger). I’ll be performing some recent pieces from my counting series, including “0,1(2)” for cymbal and dropped objects.

Sunday, May 19, 8 pm

$5 suggested donation