Dog Star 14

The 14th season of Dog Star Orchestra begins Saturday June 2. On Sunday June 3 at Human Resources in Chinatown, I will present a new piece lattice chains for an 8 channel modular sound system designed with Janie Geiser, Eric Heep, and Cassia Streb. Eric Heep, Sepand Shahab, Stephanie Smith, and Cassia Streb will also be presenting […]

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Sound House @LAX

A works-in-progress showing this weekend (Oct. 1 and 2) at Automata Arts as part of the Live Arts Exchange (LAX) festival. Follow the link for times. SOUND HOUSE is a work-in-progress excerpt of a new work conceived and created by John Eagle, Janie Geiser and Cassia Streb. Sound House is a performance/installation centered on a series […]

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Nine Bells

In June, I performed Tom Johnson’s Nine Bells, a nine movement piece which uses various patterns for the performer to walk through a 3×3 grid. The tuning system I employed placed the bells on a plane of harmonic space with one axis in fifths (3/2) and the other in pure major thirds (5/4). The image below shows […]

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New dates

Two new events planned as part of this year’s Dog Star Orchestra festival. June 4, I’ll be playing Tom Johnson’s Nine Bells on a specially-tuned set of bells I’ve built. June 14, Isaura String Quartet will perform ‘rhythm color #3’ alongside the Southland String Quartet performing works by James Tenney and Tom Johnson. Check out […]

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ISQ Premiere

Isaura String Quartet will be premiering my piece “parallel lines (do not intersect)” on their final concert of their summer series. For the concert they asked 7 different LA composers to reimagine Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”. My piece, which borrows its name from Blondie’s album title, begins with a chorale, of sorts, in two separate 3-limit harmonic spaces […]

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